Our hospital is fully equipped to take diagnostic-radiographs (often called x-rays) of your pet.  Radiographs are a very important diagnostic tool to help us determine injury or diseases in animals.

What happens to my pet when it is booked in for radiographs?

When your pet requires routine radiographs, your pet will be admitted into hospital the morning of their appointment by one of our friendly nurses. We ask that you fast your pet from midnight the night before (water is allowed), as they may need sedation or an anaesthetic to allow us to take the best quality radiographs possible.

Once the radiographs have been taken we will interpret the images and contact you to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.

Why do pets need to be sedated or anaesthetised to have radiographs taken?

When we have radiographs taken the radiographer asks us to keep perfectly still, often in unnatural positions.  Most pets don't lie still enough, in the correct position, for us to take good quality radiographs required to diagnose their condition. Sedation and anaesthesia allow us to get the most useful radiographs possible, whilst keeping your pet calm, pain free and safe from injury. Once the radiographs are taken, and it is safe to do so, your pet will get a small meal and will be made ready for collection