Our hospital is fully equipped to conduct ultrasound examinations of your pet. An ultrasound scan is a very important tool to help us diagnose diseases in animals, particularly for conditions involving soft tissues, like the stomach or abdomen.

What happens to my pet when it is booked in for an ultrasound scan?

Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the day to have an ultrasound scan done, We ask that you fast your pet from midnight the night before (water is allowed), as they may need sedation or aneasthetic to allow us to take the best quality scan possible.

The area to be scanned will be clipped short, so your pet may look different when they come home.  No pain is felt during an ultrasound exam, however, discomfort from pressure may be experienced. Sedation or general anaesthetic may be necessary for those animals that won’t stay still or are uncomfortable. 

Once the scan has been completed, the veteriarians will interpret the images and contact you to discuss diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.